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Tightwad Assignment – Shaving savings

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Florida (February 1, 2009) – Sunday seems a good day to begin shaving. The object is to test a money saving idea promoted on The Clark Howard Show – dunking a cheap razor into mineral oil to prevent rust and oxidation. The premise is that the razor can be used for months.

I pulled out the store brand mineral oil (from CVS), a Schick disposable twin-blade razor, and an old, chipped coffee cup.  I’d give Schick a link but their site is so old and out of date, it requires Macromedia Flash to open and does not recognize the up to date version of Adobe Flash on my computer.

I shaved, carefully washed off the razor, dried it on a towel, and dunked it in the oil. We’ll see how long the razor lasts.

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