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Tightwad Assignment – Freecycle

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0130_0005TightwadAssignmentJACKSONVILLE BEACH, Florida (February 4, 2009) – Anyone truly tight with a nickle  uses freecycle – both to get things and to get rid of junk.   Freecycle.org is a nationwide effort to keep things out of landfills – to give things a second life.  You go to the site, then follow the links to the nearest community to you.  You sign up for the email list (it goes through Yahoo where I live) and you’re set.

Every day you get email from folks giving away things they no longer want.  You reply to the email and, if you’re lucky, you get an email back telling you how to come pick it up.  If you have stuff to give away, you advertise on the site, and folks will come and haul away your junk without charging you. It’s a good deal both ways.

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