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Musings on the human condition

Wage and price controls

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Florida (February 6, 2009) – I was listening to the Rusty Humphries Show on the radio last night, and Rusty (who’s 44-years old) said he didn’t really remember President Richard Nixon’s wage and price controls.  I lived through the 1000-days of horror and the subsequent recession.  I thought there may be a lot [...]

Governor Crist joins the 37%

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Florida (February 5, 2009) – Recent polls show only 37% of the American people support the federal bailout bill.  Governor Charlie Crist (R-Fl) says he is part of that minority. Here’s the email he sent me.   Dear Friend, This week I joined 18 fellow governors from around the country in writing a [...]

Record numbers apply for state assistance

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Florida  December 09, 2008 Large numbers apply for state assistance Governor Charlie Crist (R-St. Petersburg) says more Floridians than ever are applying for state assistance.  In November, almost two million people received food stamps, more than 90,000 received cash benefits, and almost two million received Medicaid. To help people receive assistance, the governor [...]