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Tightwad Gourmet – Pasta with peas

Tightwad Gourmet – Pasta with peas thumbnail

Tightwad Gourmet(March 11, 2009) – A 91-year old grandmother named Clara is reprising her favorite recipes from the depression.  We don’t make any health claims for these recipes, but the did fill many bellies during a true financial crisis.

First, we’ll feature Pasta with Peas.

Peal and dice one large potato, and fry gently in oil.  Use a deep pot. Add a diced onion.  Add a can of peas, juice and all.  Then add warm water – enough to cook the pasta.   Add salt and pepper.

When the water is boiling, add about a cup of small pasta – any kind – you can even use broken spaghetti.  Boil until the pasta is cooked.  Or, turn off the stove and allow the heat retained in the water to cook the food.

You’ll want to watch the video to get an idea about quantities.  Like most good cooks, Clara doesn’t actually measure.   She also has some additional tips for saving even more money.

Watch Clara here.

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