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Restaurant Reviews

Larry’s Giant Subs

Larry’s Giant Subs thumbnail

Larry’s Giant Subs is a franchise that originated in Jacksonville, Florida back in 1982. It was begun by Larry and Mitch Raikes with a single store, and there are now more than 60 nationwide. Most are in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, but some are as far away as Minnesota. They pride themselves on serving [...]

Tightwad Assignment – Free food at Denny’s

Tightwad Assignment – Free food at Denny’s thumbnail

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (February 3, 2009) – Denny’s Restaurants hit a grand slam with the chain’s offer of a free Grand Slam Breakfast to anyone arriving at one of its locations between 6AM and 2PM today (Tuesday, Feb. 3).  Web trackers in Los Angeles, Dallas and Seattle reported the company’s site suffered outages today – they [...]

Marsh Landing McDonald’s

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Florida (November 10, 2008) – McDonald’s converted this former Jacksonville Beach Boston Market into a stylish and unusual restaurant.  Your Bicycling Gourmet rode up for its first day serving breakfast, Friday. The company, like many at the Beaches, remembered to install a bike rack for its customers.  Its small, but its there. Nearby [...]