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Tightwad Gourmet – Depression Cooking – Egg Drop Soup

Tightwad Gourmet – Depression Cooking – Egg Drop Soup thumbnail

(March 18, 2009) – Once again, we turn to 91-year old Clara who teaches us about cooking during the depression.  Today’s recipe is Egg Drop Soup.  Don’t know how healthy it is, but this food kept people alive.

First, you peel and dice a potato.  Add olive oil to a deep pot and toss in the potatoes.  Dice an onion and toss it in, too.  Cook until the potatoes and onion brown.

Add salt, pepper and a bay leaf.

Fill the pot about half-full with water and simmer until the potatoes are cooked through.  Break five eggs into the boiling water and stir to scramble them.  Break one more egg, but let it cook without further stirring.

Toast bread slices and put them in the bottom of bowls, then pour the soup over the bread.

Watch Clara and get further details.  Like most good cooks, she doesn’t really measure things.

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