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Tightwad Assignment – Extending your car warranty

Tightwad Assignment – Extending your car warranty thumbnail

(April 29, 2009) – A long time ago, I bought a new station wagon for my then wife.  A month after the warranty ran out, one of the shock absorbers punched it’s way through the floor into the luggage area.  Clearly a manufacturing defect.

I went to the dealer and complained.  The service manager was very surprised.  He complained to the zone manager and told me how to complain, also.  It worked.  Ford repaired the problem even thought he car was out of warranty.

You might be able to do the same, particularly if the problem is later identified as a manufacturing defect.  Visit your dealer.  Try to meet a zone representative when he or she is at the dealer.  Write letters as though you are writing to a jury that will eventually hear your case.  Write emails daily.  Be firm, but remain polite.

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