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Tightwad Gourmet – Depression cooking – Poorman’s Meal

Tightwad Gourmet – Depression cooking – Poorman’s Meal thumbnail

(March 25, 2009) – 91- year old Clara shows us how to cook meals she once made during the depression.  While the ingredients might make a modern day health nut cringe, the wholesome food kept people alive.

As usual, she begins by peeling and dicing a potato and frying it in oil.  She uses a skillet.  You might get by with less oil if you use a non-stick pan.  Then she adds a diced onion, salt and pepper.   She browns it all together in the pan.

Towards the end, she adds a couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce.

While the potatoes and onions are cooking, Clara thinly slices several hot dogs.  Commentors suggest you could also use Italian sausage.  Clara says they hot dogs were cheap.

She adds the sliced dogs to the potatoes and stirs until they are thoroughly heated through.  She adds a little water to help soften the potatoes.

Watch Clara and learn a few more tips – plus the reason she had to quit high school


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