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Tightwad Gourmet – Depression cooking – Peppers and eggs

Tightwad Gourmet – Depression cooking – Peppers and eggs thumbnail

(April 1, 2009) – Clara was 92 when she made this video.  Once again, she reprises favorite, cheap, recipes from the depression. This time, it’s peppers and eggs.

First, she cleans out and slices three large  bell peppers.  Be sure to get all the white stuff out of the inside -it’s bitter.  Slice them into long strips.

Brown the peppers in a skillet in oil.  You may be able to use less oil if you cook in a non-stick pan.

After the peppers are brown, add salt and turn down the heat.

Mix four eggs as you would for scrambling, then add them to the peppers in the skillet.  Stir around to mix thoroughly.  Cook until the eggs are done.

Watch Clara cook the Peppers and Eggs recipe for a few hints about quantity.  Like most cooks, she doesn’t measure.

Plus, you’ll learn why she stopped sharing sandwiches at school

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